The Fasting Diet

For detoxifying your body and reversing disease, there is no better method than fasting. According to The Fasting Diet, you need to fast because of the increased pesticides, fungicides, toxins, and antibiotics in our food and water supply. The Fasting Diet suggests that you should view fasting as a state of enhanced repair, rejuvenation, and […]

Create An Arsenal Of Kitchen Equipment

When I started cooking regularly at home, I practically had no kitchen equipment aside from the basic appliances of a refrigerator and stove, along with two pans, one skillet, and a large wooden spoon and naturally forks, spoons, and knives in a drawer. My kitchen essentials were quite limited.. So sad, I know. This goes […]

Fitness For Seniors – Take Back Your Health!

Health and fitness are major concerns for most seniors, usually because they’ve spent decades ignoring those topics. If that includes YOU, at what age did you decide your fitness level wasn’t a priority? Fortunately in most cases it’s not too late – you can start taking back your health and fitness at any age! From […]

Diabetes – How to Recognize and Prevent Complications

Learning to recognize the complications of diabetes in yourself and others can save a life. Sometimes diabetes goes unnoticed, and until there’s a complication, the person doesn’t know he or she has diabetes. If a shrewd friend can see some symptoms before the complications hit, it may give the diabetic an edge on treatment. It’s […]